Chang Thai Cuisine Restaurant Branding

Project Overview

I created the branding for Chang Thai Cuisine for an assignment in my branding and identity class. We were assigned a type of restaurant but got full creative freedom with the name, logo, and other branding elements. I  love Thai food, so I was very excited to be assigned this type of restaurant. I wanted to make Chang feel like a real restaurant that I would want to go to. I chose to target a mid-level price range because I felt that it would be a fun challenge to toe the line between lower and higher-end restaurants in my branding decisions.






Brand & Identity

Collateral Design

Software Used:

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


4 weeks

Building the Brand

What is the brand's name?

For the restaurant, I decided on the name Chang Thai Cuisine. "Chang" means elephant in Thai, which I chose both because elephants are an important part of Thai culture and national identity and because my concept for the restaurant was that a portion of the profits would be donated to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. I chose "Thai Cuisine" as the tagline because it is straight to the point and also because it flows better verbally than "Chang Thai Restaurant" would.

What is the brand's personality?

If I could describe the Chang brand in just 3 words, it would be colorful, inviting, and modern. I wanted this restaurant to be a fun, trendy place for people to experience Thai food and culture, as well as spend time with friends and family. The colors and style aim to attract a slightly younger, more trendy audience.

How is the brand different from competitors?

I envisioned this restaurant as being located in Philadelphia, so I did thorough research on the mid-price Thai restaurants in Philadelphia to be sure I was building a brand that would stand out. In this research, I found that most of these restaurants seemed to have a somewhat serious atmosphere and appearance. None of them really seemed to be appealing to a younger target demographic, either. By having such colorful and fun brand elements and by targeting a younger audience, Chang sets itself apart from its local competitors and fills a gap in the market.

Anatomy of the Chang Logo

Responsive Logo System

Chang Thai Cuisine's Logo is part of a 4-part responsive system, so that it can adapt to fit a number of different environments.

Full Color





Black & White





Menu Design

Other Collateral