Deck of Drag Playing Cards

Project Overview

In light of the recent drag bans and other anti-LGBT policy and rhetoric, I felt it was important to create something that embraces and celebrates drag and the queer community as a whole. With Deck of Drag, I put a fun, colorful twist on the traditional deck of cards to showcase the vibrancy of the queer community.






Brand & Identity

Product Design


Software Used:

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator


4 weeks


Color Palette

The branding and packaging feature the same vibrant colors used throughout the deck. I created a palette with a lighter, brighter version of the rainbow flag that is quintessential in the queer community. These colors were chosen to make the deck fun and exciting, which pays homage to the spirit of drag.









Card Suits

I designed the suits to look like they were covered in rhinestones to create a glamorous, dramatic feel. The rhinestones also pull in the main colors of the deck while staying true to the suit colors of the traditional deck of cards.


Both the back of the cards and the packaging have the deck's logo as the focal point. This logo was designed to fit the colorful, maximalist style of the deck as a whole.

Card Art